Received "Open It" Tool!

Today we received an "Open It" tool from our friends Jeff and Marge Averill of Matthews, NC, to help us open those hard-to-open packages I wrote about in my song "Packaging". A photo of the "Open It" is in the Photo Gallery. Jeff and Marge also sent the following note:

"Hi Steve,

Now I know you're beyond those matchbox cars for the kids but you're not done yet! There's packages at some point for the grand kids and then there's this thing that creeps up on us called old age. We're there and it's a whole new chapter trying to get those suckers open! So what's up with packaging in 2013?

I hate to see you wrestling a package with all those expensive dangerous tools. With this little jewel you'll be able to hang the hack saw up, put your axe down and save your gasoline for the riding mower. There shouldn't be any more soiled shirts and bleeding fingers from flying box cutter blades.

Enjoy and we hope to see you at the Matthews Art Fest.

Both Marge and I really are enjoying the CD. We played it several times on our trip and have shared some of the songs with our friends. Take care and hope to see you soon."

Thanks so much, Jeff and Marge! The tool works great!  That was so thoughtful of you!