I started playing guitar as a teenager in Rock Hill, SC, and played in a rock band in high school. I wrote a couple of songs in my early twenties, then put my guitar under my bed for twenty years to raise a family and build a career as a chemical engineer. I picked my guitar back up in 1995 and started writing songs again!

I became active in NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Association International), eventually becoming one of the coordinators of the Charlotte group, and then the Rock Hill, SC group.  In May 2019 a group of songwriting friends and I started up a new songwriting club named Southern Songwriters Association, based in Rock Hill.  

I recorded my first CD, "Better Late" in 2006, at Chris Rosser's Hollow Reed Studio in Asheville, NC. It was so much fun! Then I recorded my second CD, "Dusty Lawn Chairs," in 2013 at Chris Rosser's studio, too, except for the female harmony vocals and mixing, which were done at Verge Recording in Nashville, TN, by Greg Strizek, with vocalist Tania Hancheroff.

Writing songs is a hobby for me. It's a great hobby! I've made so many wonderful friends in the music community. Writing songs is a great way to communicate with people, to share your feelings with people. I really enjoy the feeling of performing a song that touches someone in some way.