From the recording Turned Down Her Street


Well, I guess it’s true, old habits are hard to break,
‘Cause even though we’re through, and I’m out on my own,
Each evening I still find, as I drive by the Oak Street sign,
I almost turn down her street and head for home.

And I turned down her street by mistake today.
I guess this old car is still used to going that way.
And before I realized, I pulled into her drive,
I hope she didn’t see me drive away.

Our place still looks the same, five weathered footprints still in the drive,
Looks like our front porch swing, needs fixing again,
And my old faithful hound ran to the car as I turned around,
I said, “I can’t stay, boy, wish I could, goodbye my friend.”


Steve: vocals, guitar
Eliot Wadopian: upright bass
Dave Johnson: mandolin, pedal steel
Herschel Lee Brown: harmony vocals