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  1. Sparrows

From the recording Sparrows


She slips out the back door as quiet as she can,
Careful not to let the screen door slam.
She’s holding little Cecil to her chest,
His daddy should sleep it off for a good while yet.

She’s gotta get down to the Quick Stop,
‘Cause when he wakes if she ain’t got,
His Camels and his Rolling Rock,
He’ll come at them again.

She walks home down the dirt road and she hears,
The rush of the mountain stream of her happy years.
She listens for a moment, then climbs down the path,
She sits Cecil and the groceries in the soft green grass.

She sits down on the flat rock,
She takes off her shoes and socks,
And sees her face with all the marks,
And splashes it away.

And a sparrow flies overhead,
And she remembers the verse her mama read,
No sparrow so small ever leaves the Father’s eye,
And you are more precious than all the sparrows in the sky.

She tosses an oak leaf into the stream,
It cascades toward the ocean she’s never seen,
It gets captured by the branches of a fallen tree,
She runs out, stone to stone, and sets it free.

She prays it to the creek bend,
She gets Cecil and kisses him,
And cries back to the road and then,
Turns away from home.


Six towns and four shelters and seven weeks,
She stands in the ocean and Cecil sleeps.
A key in her pocket, a job at the grille,
The sun warms a pretty face that’s almost healed.

A tickle calls her gently,
She looks down and there she sees,
The remnant of an oak leaf,
That floats against her leg.


Steve: vocals and guitar
Chris Rosser: bass guitar
River Guerguerian: percussion
Dave Johnson: mandolin, violin, viola, cello
Lea Kuhlmann, Shana Blake and Reeve Coobs: harmony vocals