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  1. Southern Wind

From the recording Southern Wind


I’m a drifter by nature, but I was raised in Caroline,
Where life is slow and simple and folks are warm and kind.
And now when I get lonesome and need the comfort of a friend,
I can feel the soft persuasion of that gentle southern wind.

Southern wind, blowing me home,
Southern wind, though I may roam,
I know you’re always there to guide me home again,
Southern wind, when I’m feeling low,
Southern wind, you start to blow.
And I just set my sail and fill it,
With that steady southern wind.

I get restless, and I wander, always searching for a dream,
But now my arms grow weary, and I can hardly fight the stream.
In the leaves I hear a whisper, gently calling me again,
Well, if you’re heading south to Dixie, take me with you southern wind.


Steve: vocals and guitar
Eliot Wadopian: upright bass
Dave Johnson: dobro, fiddle
Leah Howard, Shana Blake, Lea Kuhlmann: harmony vocals