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  1. Loose Ends

From the recording Loose Ends


While making room in the basement,
I found those little pink shoes,
And when I touched the loose laces,
She appeared, getting ready for school.

Tying these shoes like I showed her,
Trying to do it herself.
But she kept pulling the bows through,
And cried, “Daddy, please, I need your help.”

Loose ends, the things you help your loved ones through,
Loose ends, no one can tie them up but you.
Just when you think you’ve tied them all, they come undone again.
And then one day, you long for loose ends.

My brother never got started,
He never figured life out.
But he was so tenderhearted,
And never saw that demon pounce.

Late night calls to go get him,
How I grumbled and whined.
But I would crawl up to heaven,
To bring Ronnie home just one more time.


I better finish this basement,
My son is moving back in,
But someday he’ll do the tying,
And I’ll be his loose end.


‘Cause life is love and tying up loose ends.

Steve: vocals and guitar
Chris Rosser: bass guitar, guitar
Herschel Lee Brown and Meredith Laney: harmony vocals