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  1. Life Goes On

From the recording Life Goes On

I can't thank Dave Johnson enough for his beautiful string accompaniment on this song. He put his whole soul into it.


Roofing my house with my daddy,
Just like fifteen years ago and fifteen before that,
He said, “Next time check that vent that we added.”
Our eyes met for an instant, then filled with more than sweat.

Life goes on, life goes on,
Even after loved ones are gone,
The day after I’m laid to rest,
The sun will rise in the east and set in the west,

Kids will hug their mothers,
Little girls will bug their brothers,
A day like any other,
Life goes on.

Somewhere in my veins is great grandpa Potter,
Though I never knew him, he lives here just the same,
I gave his smile to my daughter,
I’m an ever-living link in a never-ending chain.

(Repeat Chorus)

Sweethearts will kiss their lovers,
And guys will hog the covers,
A day like any other,
Life goes on.

Some folks preach destruction and the end of life on earth,
But I just can’t believe that God would waste a whole week’s work.

(Repeat Chorus)

But kids, there’ll be no sorrow,
We never own, we only borrow,
So take us all with you tomorrow,
Life goes on.
Life goes on.

Steve: vocals, guitar
Dave Johnson: violin, viola, cello