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  1. Dusty Lawn Chairs

From the recording Dusty Lawn Chairs

When I was a child, living in Rock Hill, South Caroling, my parents dragged lawn chairs out into the front yard and sat in them. Neighbors would see them out and come over with their chairs. Before long the yard was full of lawn chairs filled with adults talking to each other about life, while all of the kids ran around playing with each other. This song is about that feeling of community and sharing.


As I put away the mower,
The front wheels knocked over,
A lawn chair I’d folded years before.
The dust flew when I grabbed it,
And when I felt that woven plastic,
For a moment I was back in ‘64.

Playing in the front yard with all the neighbor kids,
As grownups in lawn chairs talked like grownups did.

I could hear old widow Dixon,
Kindly thank my dad for fixing,
That gutter that kept dripping, on her porch.
And I could feel my ears a’burning,
From all those smiling faces turning,
When mom announced that “A” I earned on my report.

Then all the men stood and crossed the street to Jackie’s yard,
And helped Mr. Guinn mount a hitch on his new car.

Now it’s not some crazy terrorist that threatens us,
And it’s not some desert oil well that weakens us,
It’s not some hurricane or virus that makes us die alone,
It’s dusty lawn chairs.

So I took four chairs and hosed ‘em,
And set ‘em up out near the road and,
Sat down and watched folks going quickly home.
My neighbor pulled into his driveway,
He looked stunned when I called, “Hi, Dave,”
He walked over and said, “My, it’s been so long.”

He said, “My Cindy passed a year ago today,”
He glanced at his big dark house, sat down and stayed.

Then the Johnsons heard the chatter,
Came out to see what was the matter,
Then the Bakers brought young Adam and wet chairs.
One by one they kept on coming,
Til my front yard was a’humming,
With the sound of folks relearning how to care.

Then Dottie said, “I guess I’ve gotta paint my house again,”
Then I could hear a sweet, sweet chorus of, “Count me in.”

(Repeat chorus)

In your yard you’ll find a garden hose,
Take that weapon and defeat our biggest foe,
Dusty lawn chairs,
Dusty lawn chairs.

Steve: vocals, guitar
Chris Rosser: bass guitar, piano
River Guerguerian: percussion
Dave Johnson: mandolin, fiddle