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Steve Simpson: Photos

Studio guitars
Studio guitar

Recording Studio January 2013

Steve with Chris Rosser in Chris' studio working on CD number 2

Snowshoe, WV December 2012

Ava and Baxter
Steve and Misty's skis on chair lift
Big Foot is behind these trees
Big Foot drove  a car down this slope
Big Foot is using the bathroom behind these trees
Ava and Baxter trying to attract Big Foot's attention

NSAI Christmas Party 2012

Steve singing his song, "This Christmas."  Photo courtesy of Susan McSwiney

Christmas 2010

Blake and our 6-foot sub sandwich
Baxter and her sled
Baxter and her new bass guitar

Miscellaneous Photos

In my dining room, pretending to drink coffee, photo by David Holtzclaw
On the retaining wall in my back yard, photo by David Holtzclaw
Sitting in the ivy in my back yard, photo by David Holtzclaw
Sitting in a rocker on the front porch, photo by Laurie Koster
In my back yard, photo by Laurie Koster

Tosco Music Party September 2006

At the Tosco Music Party, 9/16/06, photo by Phil Carias
Angelo Melendez on bass guitar at Tosco Music Party
The Near Misses Trio and their awesome harmonies at Tosco Music Party
Tom Eure on fiddle at Tosco Music Party
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