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Steve Simpson: Photos

Dusty Lawn Chairs CD Photos

Greg Baker, Ken Widis, Carlos Morales, Geri Baker, Lydia Morales, Herschel Brown, Bruce and Linda Johnson, Dave Wulfeck, Susan McSwiney, Baxter, Steve, Misty, Fiona and Jason McAllister
Me, my mom Mary, my brother Ron, and my dad William around 1959
My daughter Baxter
Buffy and Biggy
My son Blake when he was still losing teeth!
My daughter Lydia when she was a teenager
My son Scott when he was a Tee Baller!
Dusty Lawn Chair

Wedgewood Church February 1, 2014

Laurie Neal, PJ Brunson and Steve (photo taken by Jeff Averill)
PJ Brunson (photo taken by Jeff Averill)
Steve (photo taken by Baxter Fernandez)
Laurie Neal and PJ Brunson (photo taken by Baxter Fernandez)
PJ Brunson and Steve (photo taken by Baxter Fernandez)

The "Open It" sent to us by Jeff & Marge Averill

Our friends Jeff and Marge Averill of Matthews, NC sent us this "Open It" to help us open those difficult packages, like in my song "Packaging"!  Thanks, Jeff and Marge!  It works great!

Swannanoa Gathering 2013

At Warren Wilson College, Asheville, August 2013
Baxter in her ukelele class
Steve explaining some mind-boggling point to Joe Crookston
Misty and Steve in a song circle
Steve in the open mic

Verge Recording Studio, Nashville, April 23, 2013

Tania Hancheroff, me and Greg Strizek.  Greg is the owner and engineer at Verge.  He did an awesome job of mixing all of the songs.

Last Day in Studio March 13, 2013

Steve and Chris Rosser doing final edits on songs for Dusty Lawn Chairs CD
Steve with the multi-talented Chris, showing how he can balance a guitar on his head
Studio mic
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