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Steve Simpson: Photos

Miscellaneous Photos

Don Gibson Theater Song Contest, April 7, 2018, Daniel Jeffers (2nd place), Joshua West (1st place), Steve Simpson (3rd place)
Nova's Bakery, Jan. 6, 2018, with David Wulfeck
Nova's Bakery, with Raymond Franklin, July 2017
Nova's Bakery, with Kevin Bridges, June 2017
Lilyfest, May 2016
Don Gibson Theater, April 2016
Don Gibson Theater Singer/Songwriter Contest, April 2016
Evening Muse, June 2011
Swannanoa Gathering 2006
Sitting in the ivy in my back yard, 2006, photo by David Holtzclaw
In my dining room, pretending to drink coffee, 2006, photo by David Holtzclaw
On the retaining wall in my back yard, 2006, photo by David Holtzclaw
Sitting in a rocker on the front porch, 2006, photo by Laurie Koster
In my back yard, 2006, photo by Laurie Koster
Swannanoa Gathering 2002
Bluebird Cafe, Nashville, 2002

Verge Recording Studio, Nashville, April 23, 2013

Tania Hancheroff (harmony singer), me and Greg Strizek.  Greg is the owner and engineer at Verge.  He did an awesome job of mixing all of the songs.

Recording Studio January 2013

Steve with Chris Rosser in Chris' studio working on CD number 2

Tosco Music Party September 2006

At the Tosco Music Party, 9/16/06, photo by Phil Carias
Angelo Melendez on bass guitar at Tosco Music Party
The Near Misses Trio and their awesome harmonies at Tosco Music Party
Tom Eure on fiddle at Tosco Music Party