Steve Simpson



First Place at Suwannee!

Hey, I won first place in the songwriting contest at the Suwannee Springfest music festival in Live Oak, Florida! The competition was fierce, I was really lucky to win. The other finalists, (Dean Johanesen, Shawn Lightfoot, Amanda Anne Platt, Chelsea Saddler, and Cheryl Watson) were all great. I did three songs, "Sparrows", "From Under the Bed," and "Dusty Lawn Chairs." "Sparrows" is the song that got me into the finals, and can be heard on this website. The other two songs are fairly new and I haven't recorded them yet. Sorry. Anyway, as the winner of the songwriting contest, I will get a slot on the main stage at next year's Suwannee Springfest, which will be a lot of fun. I'm really looking forward to it.