Steve Simpson



Dusty Lawn Chairs

by Steve Simpson

Released 2013
Released 2013
Songs about love and family and things that matter.
The essence of each song on this album:

1. I Wanna Be You - Although I am happy to be male, my wife has talents that I occasionally envy.
2. Hoping for Cicadas - I am hoping to be here when the cicadas return, and cherishing every minute along the way.
3. Dusty Lawn Chairs - Let's dust off the lawn chairs and sit in the front yard with our neighbors like we used to do.
4. Faith - My wife's faith in me, her faith in God, and my faith in her.
5. You - Love song to my wife.
6. Thicker Than Love - My love for my step-daughter is as strong as my love for my biological children.
7. Family Stories - Every family has stories about the family that are important to them, including mine.
8. Packaging - A funny song about the challenges of opening modern packaging.
9. I'll Take My Chances on God - There's a chance that there is no God, but there's a chance that there is.
10. Love To Go - About the forever kind of love I have found with my wife.
11. Life Goes On - Even after loved ones are gone.
12. Lake Erie - About a couple whose marriage was all but dead, but came back to life.
13. Let Me Play - Sometimes we push our children too hard.
14. She Wrote My Name With A Pencil - A guy who doesn't understand why women write down his name with a pencil.
15. The Thief - About one woman's refusal to give in to dementia.