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Steve Simpson: Music

Tonight I'll Sleep With You

(Steve Simpson)
Another day, another dime,
Now you’re the one thing on my mind.
Traffic is slow, I’ve got sushi to go and your
Favorite bottle of wine.

Your voice is music as we eat,
I feel the day slip to my feet.
We leave our cares in a pile on the stairs and we
Fly to heaven on a sheet.

Then I float down the river, a breeze on my face,
Your head on my shoulder, I drift away,
And in the morning I’ll wake up to a world that’s fresh and new,
‘Cause tonight I’ll sleep with you.

Outside the world is whirling ‘round,
Bright lights and cars and city sounds.
But here inside in our own world we hide and we’re
Hoping never to be found.

We’re wrapped together like two vines,
I feel your heart melt into mine.
And with each beat I feel you flow through me and I
Lose my place in space and time.


Your body’s bathed in the moonlight,
That lonesome chime might be midnight.


Steve: vocals, guitar, harmony vocals
Chris Rosser: piano, electric piano, guitar
River Guerguerian: percussion
Eliot Wadopian: upright bass
Meredith Laney: harmony vocals