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Steve Simpson: Music

The Thief

(Steve Simpson)
A love story.
A thief broke into Mary’s home one spring,
While she was sitting with her grandkids down the hill,
The lock box that he took held some cash, her mother’s ring,
And her only photographs of Bill.

The Thief broke in and stole her memories,
Ripped away what she was living for,
But though he won the battle and drove her to her knees,
She refused to lose the war.

So she set about recording in her head,
Every detail of his handsome, boyish face,
Like how his blue eyes sparkled on the day they were wed,
She locked it all in her safest place.

One morning she was thinking in her bed,
Of how his hair would get so tousled every night,
She could see him grab his comb and pull it ‘cross his head,
But was it parted on the left or the right?

She rushed down to the door and checked the lock,
Then, trembling, she sank down to the floor,
The next month, though she fought it, his eyes went dark,
Then she couldn’t see his smile anymore.

(Repeat Chorus)

Her note said, “I’ve been waiting twenty years,
To see him walk out from the crowd and hear him call.
Please forgive me, but if I stay another day I fear,
I won’t know my sweet William at all.”

Now they’re dancing as her photos come to life,
And he’s smiling as they’re gliding ‘round the floor,
And how his blues eyes sparkle as he bends to kiss his wife,
Now The Thief can’t take him anymore.

(Repeat Chorus)

She refused to lose the war.

Steve: vocals, guitar
Chris Rosser: piano, bass guitar
Dave Johnson: violin, viola, cello