Steve Simpson


Dusty Lawn Chairs CD 2013

Love To Go

Steve Simpson


My baby’s not an appetizer, She’s not a salad or a bowl of soup, And I don’t need to supersize her, She fills me up with love she gives me, And I’ll take more with me, For tomorrow too. Chorus Now I’ve got a girl for my years on this world, God, how I love her so. And I’ve got a love for those eons above, now that, I’ve got a love to go. There must be neighborhoods in heaven, With little houses that are built for two, Just for connected souls to live in, We’ll go and find us our own place there, And spend golden days there, When this life is through. (Repeat Chorus) I used to hope for anniversaries of 50, 60 years at best, But now I’m planning on at least a hundred million gazillion years of happiness. (Repeat Chorus) Steve: vocals, guitar Chris Rosser: piano River Guerguerian: percussion Eliot Wadopian: upright bass