Steve Simpson


Dusty Lawn Chairs CD 2013

Hoping For Cicadas

Steve Simpson


In May of 2011, we had thousands of cicadas flying around in the trees in our back yard. Their mating song would go through a cycle of being soft, then louder and louder til it got so loud you could hardly hear anything else if you were on our deck. My mother-in-law Susan was visiting one day and she started calculating how old we would all be when the cicadas return in 13 years. It was a sobering moment. Out of that moment came this song.


Sitting on our deck in the warm May breeze, Listening to a chorus of cicadas in the trees, My off-handed math stirs a silent fear, Will I be here to hear them when they’re back in 13 years? Then I squeeze your hand and say, Now I treasure every day. Our baby maple trees are growing higher, Soon they’ll hold a hammock where we’ll nap when I retire, First we’ll see North Spain, find your family there, Then six months in Barbados, I might learn to braid your hair. Oh, I mailed that check today, Our tango class is a month away. Chorus Now we’re paying for dance lessons, Saving for Barbados, Planning for siestas, And hoping for... cicadas. We met late in life, especially mine, That baggage left behind us was all full of precious time, But do you hear that song of life in the trees, Just six weeks in the sunshine, but God gives all they need. So let’s seize each day the way they live, And let’s hope we’ll be right here to hear their kids. (Repeat Chorus) Before you my hours seemed like days, and days, You kissed me and years flew by like sweet dreams that slip away. And now we’re paying for dance lessons, Saving for Barbados, Planning for siestas, And hoping for, praying for... cicadas. Steve: vocals, guitar Chris Rosser: bass guitar, piano, nylon string guitar River Guerguerian: percussion